Vision and Strategy





Visionary and Strategic Support


The Culture and Direction of a company is led from the top – and in many cases, the ‘buy-in’ to the vision is

inconsistent in the Top Management team. This results in ambiguity in leadership with the President

or Head of the department is the only one with a true strategic vision.


Most Executive teams function in this way and may not always understand the need to have a shared

picture of the Business. If your team-members only are focusing on their functions, doing their email

during your business meetings, you need to work on your visioning and strategic activity.


Actions made in one function or region may affect another part of the organisation but the members

do not always recognize this dilemma.


We can support you in creating a shared vision and strategy and a common, collective thinking about the future.


We use various techniques based on your needs as Dialogue, Process Facilitation, Scenario-Building

and Creative Business Thinking.





“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”


Sun Tzu, C 490 BC, Military Chinese Strategist















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