Change Management





Organisational and Facilitation Support –

building Internal Change capability in Your Business



Do you want to increase your profit and quality? Or – reduce costs and leadtime? Or do you have other problems

that you want to resolve? Fast? We have the methods for you.


Most companies have the capability to resolve challenges and problems but are not utilizing the experience

and ideas the employees have. Therefore problems stay around and develop into employee frustration.

We can support you in this by implementing a process which at the same time harnesses employee ideas

and solves problems.



We are experts in supporting organisations in solving dilemmas. What we do is that we develop

internal coaches so your company will be self-sufficient with internal support.

We will train up your own internal change agents and when they are ready to fly themselves we will withdraw.


We have world-class change methods to support you with that will last and develop your business targets in a positive way for you.


We can support you in taking down costs eg electrical costs, can speed up processes, reduce scrappage rates ,

get your systems in order ot whatever you need to do. We just load our change methods with your problem

and you will see what a big step forward you will take!



FINDIT & FIXIT - solve your cross-functional problems and reach your targets as - cost reduction,

waste elimination, lead-time, quality and increased income!




This method can be applied on almost any problem. The method is process model that we load with

your problem in 3 simple phases:


1. Defining what to do. Here we will check what the symptoms and the true problem and define what is in and out of the scope

of the problem. This is done together with you.


2. Run a Problem Solving workshop. Depending on the problem we will run a workshop with all stakeholders

involved that can influence it. Together with the teams, we will create an accurate, total picture and highlight

the consequences the problem causes.


3.During the workshop the participants dive deep into rootcauses and importantly generate robust solutions.

We also secure that the right decisions will be made and that there is a plan for implementation approved by management

when the workshop is done.


A workshop is usually one or two days depending on the complexity of the problem or dilemma.



SPEED UP CHANGE - for large complex change

This method is serving complex and large scale change. The method is also globally acknowledged as one of the more

leading change methods. Usually, a consultant is assigned and takes part in the Client change project as consultant

to the team. During the change, the consultant supports the teams with different progress tools.




We can also provide you with facilitation expertise in tricky business meetings that are crucial for success.

This is a very valued service especially when different departments, cultures or nationalities are involved in

planning or problem solving dilemmas.




Value Stream mapping is a method to reduce waste in organisations, shorten leadtimes or increase efficiency

in order to increase profit. We guarantee that the method will support you in getting the business results wanted.

for further information, mail to uk@globalskills. se and we will call you back for initial, free counseling.















"Valued and skilled people will make the difference"