Business Culture





Cultural integration - Building up the Business Culture


People in general want stability, not change. GlobalSkills expertise can support you in minimizing

resistance to change and make cultural integration into a positive experience for people in your company.

We understand the fear that integration can cause in an organisation and are skilled in supporting

you where this fear can generate active resistance and political games that can destroy teamwork

and generate friction.


Is your company integrating different parts of the organisation? No matter if your intention

is to integrate functions or regions, we have the experience in what you need to do when it comes

to the human aspects in a business integration process.


The most common factor that could delay rapid change is the Human side of the business.

It is the Human factor that causes losses in productivity, energy and profit.

We can enhance the process by being actively be involved in your change processes and in

your change program over the total change period or in strategic, tricky parts that are crucial to overcome.




We have experience of change in Manufacturing, Research & Development and the Marketing and Sales area.

Our strategy is an inclusive one; embracing people involvement by letting people contribute in the integration

with their experiences and insights.




The services offered are


  • Support to the formal Project team by taking part in the project as a partner
  • Tailor-made events and workshops supposed to enhance the integration
  • Interviews and questionnaires tailor-made with the purpose to mirror progress and identify road-blocks
  • Creation of common values and priorities that will guide the organisation during and after the integration








"Framgång byggs av värdefulla människor, produkter och tjänster "